31. SuperBrain Yoga

•July 24, 2010 • 2 Comments

A simple devotional action performed by Hindus in front of Lord Ganesha or Ganapathi from time immemorial called ‘Thoppukaranam’ is now being researched and enthusiastically promoted in the West as “Superbrain Yoga”.  It is a simple yet very powerful technique to energize and recharge your brain. It stimulates the neural pathways in the brain by activating acupuncture points on the ear lobes-and synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain, as demonstrated by EEG scans.

Students including those with disabilities such as ADHD/ADD, developmental and cognitive delays, Down syndrome and specific learning disabilities, Alzheimers patients and adults trying to stave off memory loss are saying it has improved their mental faculties. Researchers say that the Superbrain yoga helps anyone of any age to increase their intelligence.

The following image gives the procedure for this brain power enhancing yoga.

Superbrain Yoga

30. Ego, Arrogance, Pride, Anger and HURT

•June 16, 2010 • 1 Comment

Peace and freedom

Ego is the cloud that forms between 2 souls that prevents them from synchronizing in harmony and humility. It is a false sense of “I” which manifests itself in different illnesses like arrogance, pride, anger and ultimately Hurt. The world has “progressed” to such an extent that all these have been attributed to “human” qualities and it is “normal” for any human to display these emotions at the cost of the other person’s peace!

The words “I Love You” means that the “ego – I”  fell in “Love”. But alas, today this phrase is being used very loosely to denote even the slightest hint of attraction felt.

Humanity as a whole should stop taking pride in possessing these side-effects of Ego and march beyond them to find peace within Oneself!

29. L0ve at fir$t $ight — S0ul mate$

•June 9, 2010 • 5 Comments

Soul Mates

This phenomenon is one of the most misinterpreted by the media and others who propagate the idea. Falling in love on the first sight due to the physical appearance is NOT love at first sight!! That is just a kind of an attraction. “True love” at first sight happens when 2 pairs of eyes meet – when it is the first sight – into the person’s SOUL, as they say “The Eyes are the Windows of the Soul”. Don’t they call these pairs as “Soul-mates” ??!

28. Wealth – boon or bane?

•June 2, 2010 • 1 Comment

Now-a-days, many educational institutions are becoming a model for business rather than to impart wholesome education.

A person enters the doctor profession with the aim of making a lot of money and is not as keen in aiding the recovery of people from illness.

A person enters the engineer profession to make instant money and to appease the pride of a few.

Art classes are being made repulsively expensive by some of them who claim to “possess” the gift.

A heart that sincerely wishes to help the world might not have access to wealth.

Money with a good-hearted person will be used to create a better world, while money with an evil-minded person will be used to destroy the world. So, every good-hearted human being has the moral responsibility to be rich.”

It is like how you use a knife. If it is in evil hands, a knife is a weapon to murder. On the other hand, it might be used in a surgery to save a life.
So, how do you become “rich”? 🙂

27. O Fools…!

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The term “fool” is being loosely used in the present world. Who is a “fool”? Is he one who is “ignorant”? So, if children are ignorant, should they be termed as fools too!?? The following Carnatic (a South Indian classical music form) song tries to give a different approach to the meaning of a “fool”. Though the interpretation for this maybe multifold, the essence of the song is that a person who hasn’t understood the “reality” which is a timeless Truth, is a fool. It really pays off to take out a few minutes and follow this song by M.S. Subbulakshmi with subtitles in English

So, are we knowledgeable or fools? 😀

26. The p0wer 0f the t0ngue

•May 28, 2010 • 1 Comment

A knife when in a murderer’s hands is used to kill a person and when in a surgeon’s hands, is used to save a person.

The t0ngue of a person can be used to either murder or to save –  to murder or to save the SPIRIT of a person.

Isn’t education supposed to train a man to control his tongue!!??   Though we might gain degrees effortlessly, are all of us really educated souls!!??


25. Sixth $ense

•May 25, 2010 • 2 Comments

What is an eye? The sight is from the brain and not the eyes themselves.

What is an ear for? The sound is from the brain and not from the ears.

What is a nose for? The smell is from the brain and not from the nose.

What is a tongue for? The taste is from the brain and not from the tongue.

What is the skin for? The feeling of touch is from the brain and not from the skin.
So what is a brain for!?? Not to become a slave to the five senses, but to become a master of them!
What does the brain aim for?
To make the five senses a slave to it and then attain the SIXTH SENSE! 🙂
What does the sixth sense aim for?
To make the brain and its processors to become ONE with it!

24. Lust and Love

•May 14, 2010 • 1 Comment

Once, in a closed room, there were 3 people – 2 men and a woman.

Man 1 fell for his carnal pleasure.

Man 2 fell for his spiritual pleasure.

The woman stood there without any pleasure from both. She stood as God Himself – She had become ONE with Him.

What is love and what is lust?? What is pure and what is impure?? 🙂


23. माता – mAthA

•May 11, 2010 • 6 Comments

Once upon a time, a MAN entered this world – through a SEED.

He saw only 3 PEOPLE – a mother, a father and a teacher.

The MOTHER sacrificed all she had, to bring him up. Later in life, he achieved more than what she had given him. The mother was at the root of all his successes. The mother was his माता – MATHA.

The FATHER taught him about life from his life experiences. Later in life, he became more successful and knowledgeable than his father. The father was at the root of all his achievements. The father was his पिता – PITHA.

The TEACHER taught him about the intricacies of life. Later in life, he started “research”. The student started to know more than what the teacher had taught him. The teacher was at the root of all his inventions and discoveries. The teacher was his गुरू – GURU.

One day, he grew up beyond his achievements, inventions, discoveries and the glory that he gained out of his success – all of them faded away with TIME. The seed now started germinating and all of them at his root appeared as his GOD.  They were at the root of the man himself. They became his தெய்வம் – DEIVAM.

With this divinity nurtured in Him, one day, he met a WOMAN. He fell for Her and she accepted Him. They “united” to become ONE – never ever did they see a difference in this world – not even between them – there was no difference in THEIR world – there was only ONE world.

He started his life with a MOTHER and later met another MOTHER to nurture Him.

In ancient India, any woman was given her due respect and was called அம்மா – AMMA.

The nature which nurtures is called a MOTHER – தாய்.

The KNOWLEDGE – विध्या that He gained was from His GODDESS  सरस्वतीSARASWATHI.

The knowledge rewarded him WEALTH which was His GODDESS लक्ष्मी – LAKSHMI.

He met his wife पार्वतीPARVATHY and they united to become ONE. He united with Her as ARDHANAREESWARA (the Lord with a half- female form) and he turned into SHIVA – शिवा

When He pursues knowledge he is ब्रह्मा with his consort सरस्वती

When He gains wealth he is विष्णु with his consort लक्ष्मी

WOMAN was created to nurture MAN & MAN was created to protect WOMAN.

When they take CARE of each other, both of them become a WOMAN.

When they GUARD each other, both of them become a MAN.

When they TEACH each other, both of them become a TEACHER.

When they guide each other, both of them become a FATHER.

When they nurture each other, both of them become a MOTHER.

They “unite” to become ONE – Their spirits become ONE.

So, who are YOU? 🙂


Dedicated to all my Mothers 🙂

22. The rich and the poor

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One day, a very rich man met a very poor man. The rich man thought that the poor man was very LUCKY. The poor man thought that the rich man was very LUCKY.

One night, they met each other in their “dreams” and they questioned “God”; He asks them to think about who is UNLUCKY. Their “ego” didn’t let them think that they were unlucky – The poor man “knew” that he was lucky to have found his “treasure” in life. The rich man knew that he was lucky to have found his “treasure” in life. Their ego fell. It fell to the realization that dawned on them.. and never ever they saw a difference between them. They both got “united”!

Are we rich or poor!??